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Manu Nests are hand-crafted in basalt fibre, melted at 1400 ºC and three times stronger than steel. Favoured for its versatility, strength and lightness, basalt fibre was once a top secret polymer in the Russian aerospace industry.

Declassified in 1995, basalt fibre is now used in a range of applications from ship hulls, to lamp posts, to speaker cones. It is the perfect choice for seating to last a lifetime and beyond.

Ergonomically designed for comfort, the pods become luxuriously comfortable with the addition of a sumptuous high-quality Sunbrella cushion. These are made with a high-performance fabric, which is designed to be water-repellent and machine washable.

The standard model is finished in a durable black polyester gel coat, with other RAL colours available on request. For further information please contact us: info@www.maffam.co.uk

Prior to reaching us as unique MAFFAM FREEFORM lace furniture, basalt has already had an astonishingly long life. Initially hot and pulsatile, basalt rests in the Earth’s upper mantle until forged by volcanic forces, then is driven to the surface of the Earth.


Basalt lava is very thick and flows slowly. When cooled rapidly, its cellular networks form astounding hexagonal structures. Basalt is a rock that can survive unbearable temperatures, as well as bearing the pressures and cool depths of our oceans, where it comprises the majority of our Earth’s crust.


The dark spots that can be seen on the sunlit surfaces of the Moon are the so called lunar seas, areas that have been transformed by basaltic lava floods! In fact basalt can be found even further than the Moon – not only does it form a large part of the surface of Mars, but basalt lava eruptions can also be observed on Jupiter and Venus.

With MAFFAM FREEFORM you can enjoy a sense of the most extraordinary environments, lose yourself in the simplicity and beauty of natural products – discover Atlantis, or travel into space and reach uncharted, unexplored planets. Be the first to set foot on new worlds. Start lifelong journeys with MAFFAM FREEFORM.

With MAFFAM FREEFORM you can get a sense of the most extraordinary environments -you can discover Atlantis, or travel into space and reach planets that nobody has ever set their foot on!


Basalt is also extremely useful here on Earth, being well-known as an excellent material for preserving heat. These days basalt is used in beauty care, massage with hot stones (basalt stones) and also as an alternative to fibreglass. Even the ancient Romans used basalt in road construction and voilà, these roads are still functional today!



Basalt fibre originally came from the USA, where attempts to create industrial fibre were made as early as 1923. After World War II, basalt was used largely used in the USA as well as Europe and Russia in military aircraft manufacturing. Until 1995, the material was barely known by the general public due to its highly confidential and secret classification.

Raimonds Cirulis is the creator of the MAFFAM FREEFORM workshop – the first and only workshop in the world where basalt fibers are tamed and transformed into furniture.



The unique weaving technique used in the creation of MAFFAM FREEFORM products is extremely demanding. Currently there are no technologies available allowing for an automated manufacturing of this type of furniture. This means that each piece is hand made from beginning to end, thus allowing for the emotions of the weaver to become part of the design. As a result, each design is unique, each piece of

furniture is also different, the artistry of the weaver preserved for a lifetime. Each individual lace pattern is also unique and can not be reproduced identically on any other product.